DRAMARAMA has been doing drama classes in English since 2008. These classes include games, songs, movement and lots of improvisational theatre, all of which stimulate the children’s imagination and develops their English language. Our emphasis is on the children learning through their enjoyment. We feel that by establishing a secure and trusting environment the children will feel relaxed and happy and are then able to delve into their own imagination to create varied and interesting work. Dramarama classes are not only for encouraging budding actors, but they also help to unlock the imagination, improve self-esteem and boost confidence in a really fun way!

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    Joanna Dolan, an actress from London, comes from a theatrical family. After she started doing drama classes at the age of 4, her passion for theatre grew more and more and she was lucky enough to make this her career, following in the footsteps of her father Leo, also an actor. In 2008 she and Susanna Della Favera decided to start Dramarama as a fun, dynamic way to introduce drama in English, not only to help with the language, but also to create confidence and creativity.

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Dramarama is on Facebook

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