Dramarama was founded by Joanna Dolan and Susanna Dalla Favera in 2008 and has had much success  doing drama classes in English ever since.

These classes include games, songs, movement and lots of improvisational theatre, all of which stimulate the children’s imagination and develop their English language.

Our emphasis is on the children learning through their enjoyment. We feel that by establishing a secure and trusting environment the children will feel relaxed and happy and are then able to delve into their own imagination to create varied and interesting work.

Dramarama classes are not only for encouraging budding actors, but they also help to unlock the imagination, improve self-esteem and boost confidence in a really fun way!

Coming to our classes will benefit your child for many reasons such as:

  • movement and theatre games will help the children with their confidence and self- awareness.
  • By using improvisation the children will have to think quickly on the spot and immerse themselves in exciting and diverse situations.
  • The children will be asked to create and perform their own scenes within groups, which is great for their social skills and imagination.
  • For the pre-school children, they will be able to enrich and expand their vocabulary and pronunciation. As these classes will include lots of repetition, counting songs.


All our classes include:

Movement, The children will learn to warm up, stretch their bodies and enhance their concentration with rapid reaction games and mirroring exercises. This will help them with balance and co-ordination.We will often be working in a circle where we get the children to mime an action or an emotion and encourage them to watch and learn from each other. They will also be thinking about the way animals, characters move and be encouraged to move in this way.

Listen, speak and sing, The children will improve their articulation and enhance listening skills by using lots of repetition, through songs and phrases. They will help them expand their vocabulary in a fun and diverse way. We will also be putting actions to songs to help them really understand what they are singing about and to help them memorise the songs.

Create and Imagine Improvising characters, role-playing in different situations and being part of a story telling process are ideal ways for the children to cultivate a healthy imagination and learn more about the world around them. They will be taken on a little imaginary journey where they can really absorb themselves, believing in their fictional environment, therefore responding in a genuine, entranced way. We frequently use traditional nursery rhymes and fairy tales, re-creating them and creating our own versions. Sometimes we will use our dressing up box, along with props to really help the children become the characters that they want to be.