School Year 2017/2018

Due to our volume of work there will just be classes during the day within schools for their students. There will not be any afternoon lessons.

english-international-school-logo We have been doing classes in the nursery at the English International school of Padua  since 2007 and look forward to continuing this great working relationship for future years to come.
 Sogni e Colori 2 We have been teaching at the Asilo Nido Sogni e Colori in Legnaro since 2013 and we have also had an after school group held here in the afternoons.
We have also held courses at many other places around Padova, including;
  Petrarca Rugby, Parocchia di S. Maria Assunta Salboro, Istituto Clair – Riviera Palaeocopa, Associazione Aquilone Padova , , Centro Intergenerazionale “Clara e Guido Ferro”di Mandria, Nido Bim Bum Bam – Noventa Padovana (presso Villaggio S. Antonio),   Biblioteca comunale Casalserugo, Scuola dell’Infanzia di SaonaraKiriku Micronido, Sant Agostino,  Biblioteca Comunale di Mestrino, Patronato di Santa Rita, Patronato San Marco di Ponte di Brenta,   Monselice Palestra della Scuola Diego Valeri, Scuola Elementare F. Petrarca,  Limena.



If you are a school and are interested in Dramarama coming to work in your school, contact us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or for more information.